Withholding Mismatch Report

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to review all payments and associated vouchers made to withholding entities by supplier

Audience: Finance Staff

Before you can create the Withholding Mismatch report (APX9010), you must run the Withholding Mismatch Application Engine process (WTHD_MISMATCH). The Withholding Mismatch report enables to you identify voucher lines on which the withholding applicable flag does not match the withholding flag on the supplier.

You can update transactions using the Withholding Update Application Engine process (AP_WTHD_UPDT), and then rerun the Withholding Mismatch process and Withholding Mismatch report to recheck the voucher line withholding.  

Navigation:  Supplier > 1099/Global Withholding > General Reports > Wthd Voucher/Supplier Mismatch

  1. On the Withhold Mismatch Request page, Search an existing Run Control ID or Create a new one.
  2. Select Run.
Withhold Mismatch Request page
  1. Select Withholding Mismatch (WTHD_MISMATCH).
  2. Select OK.
Process Scheduler Request page
  1. After the process runs successfully, navigate to Withholding Mismatch request page (refer to step 1).
  2. Select Run.
Withhold mismatch request page
  1. On the Process Scheduler Request page, select Withholding Mismatch Report (APX9010).
  2. Select OK.
Process scheduler request page
  1. Navigate to:  Reporting Tools > Reporting Manager.
  2. On the List tab, select the report APX9010-APX9010.htm
List tab
  1. On the Report page, select filename APX9010.htm
Report section, File List link

Sample Report


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