Withholding Supplier Update

Purpose: The Withholding Supplier Update process is used to change Withholding applicability, entity, type, jurisdiction, and/or class.

Audience: Finance/Accounting

Note: After completing the update, you must run the Withholding Update Process.  (Example - Review the Vouchers with 1099 Flag filed, vouchers marked “Y” are set up for 1099 processing. Vouchers marked “N” are not set up for 1099 processing. If vouchers flagged “N”, should be “Y”).


  1. Enter info into Withholding Update ID.
  2. Click Add.
Add a New Value tab

NOTE:  When adding a new Withholding Supplier Update, the Withholding Update ID, similar to a run control, can be any character string of your choice. Once you click Add you will be taken to the Withholding Supplier Update page where you can add updates.

  1. Enter Start Date and End Date.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Enter Supplier ID (same as WIthholding ID).
  4. Choose Location.
  5. Choose Business Unit.
Supplier tab
  1. On the New Withholding Details tab:
  • New Withhold:  choose Yes (or Y).
  • Entity:  IRS.
  • New Type:  1099.
  • New Class:  07.
  • Click Save.
New Withhold Details tab

NOTE:  On the New Withhold Details tab, you will enter the actual updated information for the Supplier. You can change whether the Supplier is withholding or not. You can also update the Withholding class. To update additional Suppliers, insert a new row.


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