Withholding Invoice Line Update

Purpose: The Withholding Invoice Line Update process can be used to update withholding information for a withholding Supplier at an invoice line level.

Audience: Finance/Accounting

Navigation:  Suppliers > 1099/Global Withholding > Maintain > Update Voucher Line Withholding

NOTE:  After completing the update, you must run the Withholding Update Process.

  1. Select Supplier.
  2. Select Business Unit.
  3. Select From Date and To Date.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click Save. (Edit results first, if needed).

Next Steps Notes: 1.You can use the Defaults group box if you are updating many lines to withholding (Set All Lines to Wthd) or not withholding (Set All Lines to No Wthd).

Withhold Invoice Line Update


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