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Rejecting and Resetting a Pay Cycle - 10h

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to reject and reset a Pay Cycle in ctcLink.
Audience: Finance Staff

Note: There may be instances where the Payment Creation step of a Pay Cycle is performed unintentionally, resulting in the wrong payments being moved forward in the overall Pay Cycle process. When this occurs, two major actions can be taken to start the Pay Cycle over.  While these actions can be done independently, this particular scenario requires the two actions be performed in the following order:

  1. Rejecting a Pay Cycle through Pay Cycle Approvals
  2. Resetting a Pay Cycle through Pay Cycle Manager

To demonstrate this scenario, we are starting with a Pay Cycle where both the Payment Selection and Payment Creation processes have been run for payments we did not want to process.

Rejecting a Pay Cycle through Pay Cycle Approvals

  1. The Pay Cycle Status shows Approved and the option to perform a Pay Cycle Reset is grayed out on the Pay Cycle Manger page. The first action necessary to correct the Pay Cycle Status is Rejecting a Pay Cycle.
  2. Some colleges are setup to not have any extra approvals when a Pay Cycle is run. Because of this, Pay Cycles go directly to an Approved status after the Payment Creation step is completed.
Pay Cycle Manager

Rejecting an Approved Pay Cycle

  1. Select the current Pay Cycle to be rejected on the Pay Cycle Approval page.
  2. Once the appropriate Pay Cycle appears, click the Reject button, then the Save button.
Pay Cycle Approval
  1. Once the Pay Cycle has been rejected, navigate back to the Pay Cycle Manager (Main Menu  Accounts Payable  Payments  Pay Cycle Processing  Pay Cycle Manager) for that Pay Cycle to see the status has now been set to Rejected.
  2. The Pay Cycle Reset option has now been enabled.
Pay Cycle Manager

Resetting a Pay Cycle through Pay Cycle Manager

  1. To reset a Pay Cycle, select a server and click the Reset button from the Pay Cycle Manager.
Pay Cycle Manager
  1. After the Reset has been initiated, click the OK button when the pop up Message appears.
  1. Once the Reset has finished running, the Pay Cycle status shows as Reset. Any payments previously selected or created for processing are removed from the selection.
Pay Cycle Manager
  1. The Pay Cycle is now back to step one of the process and the Payment Selection process is available to be re-run.  


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