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AP Supplier Liability Aging Report - 10h

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for creating the AP Supplier Liability Aging Report

Audience: Accounts Payable Staff

The BI Publisher Report provides a system delivered report that summaries outstanding vouchers based on the defined aging cycles with aging time periods that specify a numerical range representing days, weeks, and so forth. Aging cycles are used in Supplier Liability Aging (APY1408) reports.

Navigation: Main Menu > Accounts Payable > Reports > Voucher Reconciliation > Supplier Liability Aging

  1. Enter the Run Control ID in the Find an Existing Value or Add a New Value tabs.
  2. Click the Search button.
Supplier Liability Aging Existing Value tab
  1. Complete Report Request Parameters on the Supplier Liability Aging page.
    1. As of Date - Enter todays date
    2. Aging Cycle ID - MONT
    3. As of Date Type - Indicate if the date is based on Invoice Date or Accounting Date
    4. Aging Basis Date - Net Due Date
    5. Select the Include Unrecorded Liabilities checkbox
    6. Select the Include Prepayment checkbox
    7. Select the Include Unmatured Drafts Paid checkbox
    8. Select the Include Available Discount checkbox
    9. Business Unit Option - Value
    10. Enter College Business Unit
    11. Supplier Select Option - Select All Suppliers
    12. Currency Options - Base Currency
    13. Report Supplier By - Invoice Supplier
    14. Report Group By - Business Unit/Supplier
    15. Detail or Summary - Detail
  2. Click the Run button to initiate the process.
Supplier Liability Aging page
  1. A Process Schedule Request window will appear.
  2. Select the Vendor Liab Aging Data & Report (Process Name APY1408) PSJobs to initiate the process to load the Accounts Payable information into a reporting stating table and will initiate the Supplier Liability Aging BI publisher report.
    1. Type - Web
    2. Format - PDF
  3. Click the OK button to initiate the PSJob process scheduler request.
Process Scheduler Request
  1. Click on the Report Manager link.


Supplier Liability Aging Report Manager link
  1. Click on the Administration tab to view the status of the Process Scheduler and to access the Supplier Liability Aging report.


Administration tab
  1. Click the Refresh button until the Supplier Liab Aging Data Loading and APX1408-APX1409.pdf status yields a status of Posted.
  2. Click on the APX1408-APX1409.pdf to open and review the Supplier Liability Aging report.
Administration Report List


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