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Refund Voucher Build & Processing - 10

Purpose:  Use this document to assist in voucher build request, voucher build errors, and budget checking in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Accounts Receivable Staff

PeopleSoft Payables generates refund checks for PeopleSoft Receivables. The Receivables Refund Application Engine process (AR_REFUND) populates the voucher staging tables with refund voucher data for processing by the Voucher Build process.

Voucher Build Request

PeopleSoft Payables provides the Voucher Build process to build vouchers in batch from various source transactions. The Voucher Build process comprises two subprocesses, pre-edit and voucher edit. The pre-edit subprocess builds skeleton voucher record sets from limited information that you enter online using the Quick Invoice Entry component or the Summary Invoice Entry component, or that it retrieves from other sources. After the pre-edit subprocess builds voucher record sets successfully, it calls the voucher edit subprocess to complete these record sets.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Accounts Payable > Batch Process > Vouchers > Voucher Build

  1. On the Find an Existing Value tab, enter the Run Control ID.
  2. Click Search.
Find an Existing Value tab

On the Voucher Build tab, enter the following required fields:

  1. Request ID - Enter an ID that comprises any combination of characters
  2. Description - Enter a description that comprises any combination of characters
  3. From Date - Leave Blank
  4. To Date - Leave Blank
  5. Assign Invoice ID - Unchecked
  6. Assigned Invoice Date - Unchecked
  7. Process Option - Business Unit
  8. Voucher Sources - New Voucher Data
  9. Business Unit - Enter College Business Unit
  10. Voucher Build Interfaces - Receivables Customer Refunds
  11. Publish Voucher Messages - Optional
  12. Click Run to initiate the process.
Voucher Build tab

A Process Schedule Request window will appear.  The Voucher Build (AP_VCHRBLD) application engine name will default selected.

  1. Click OK to initiate the process scheduler request.
Process Scheduler Request page
  1. Click on the Process Monitor link to review the process status.
Voucher Build tab
  1. Click on the Refresh button until the Run Status is noted as Success and the Distribution Status is noted as Posted.
Process List tab
  1. Click on the Go Back to Voucher Build Request link.
Process List tab
  1. Click on the Process Messages tab to review the Voucher Build messages.

**NOTE** If there were any voucher build errors, the message will indicate that X Vouchers(s) Staged with Pre-Edit Errors. Review the section Voucher Build Errors on how to review and fix the error(s).

Process Messages tab
Voucher Build Errors

Use the Build Errors page to review a log of any voucher errors that occur during a voucher build processing run. Link to pages are available where you can view error details and correct errors. Errors that are logged include both pre-edit errors and recycled vouchers.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Accounts Payable > Batch Processes > Voucher > Voucher Build

  1. On the Find an Existing Value tab, Search for the Voucher Build Run Control ID.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. On the Build Errors tab, click on the Error Messages icon.
Build Errors tab
  1. Review the Header Error messages.
  2. Click on the Correct Errors link.
Voucher Build Error Detail page
  1. Make the necessary changes to correct the error on the Quick Invoice Entry page.
  2. Select the Voucher Build action.
  3. Click on the Run button to initiate the voucher build process.
Quick Invoice page
Sales/Use Tax Applicability

The Account Receivable refunds require that the Customer account be linked to a Supplier account in order for the voucher build process to build the refund in the correct voucher style of Regular Voucher. Since Supplier accounts are global between all of the colleges and may be used for other business related transactions, the Supplier may be set up as a Sales/Use Tax Applicability. If the Supplier is set up as a Sales/Use Tax Applicable entity, the voucher must be marked as Tax Exempt.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Accounts Payable > Vouchers > Add/Update > Regular Entry

On the Find an Existing Value tab, enter valid values for the following required fields:

  1. Business Unit -  Enter the College Business Unit ID
  2. Invoice Date - Options to filter searcher parameters
  3. Voucher Source - Receivables Customer Refunds
  4. Click Search and select the applicable voucher search result.


Find an Existing Value tab
  1. On the Invoice Information tab, check the Tax Exempt box.
  2. Select Budget Checking for the Action.
  3. Click Run to proceed with the Budget Checking progress.
  4. Submit the voucher for approval.
Invoice Information tab


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