Writing an Item Off - 20b

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for writing an item off for an outstanding customer open item in ctcLink.

Audience: Accounts Receivable Specialist

Navigation: Main Menu > Accounts Receivable > Receivables Maintenance > Maintenance Worksheet > Create Worksheet

  1. Enter an existing Run Control ID or click the Add a New Value tab on the Create Worksheet page to add a new value.
    1. Enter a meaningful Run Control ID for the accounting entry creation process in the Run Control ID field.

Note: A Run Control ID is an identifier that, when paired with a User ID, uniquely identifies the process that is running. The Run Control ID defines parameters that are used when a process is run. These parameters ensure that when a process runs in the background, the system does not prompt the user for additional values.

  1. Click the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. Use the Worksheet Selection page to specify customer and item information that should appear on the worksheet. ctcLink uses criteria information to retrieve all items matching the selection criteria when the worksheet is built.
    1. Use the Customer Criteria drop-down button to select the ‘Customer Items’ options.
    2. Enter or select the appropriate customer in the Cust ID field.
    3. If it didn’t default in, enter or select the appropriate business unit in the Business Unit field.
    4. Click the Build button.
  1. Use the Worksheet1 tab to select the customer item that needs to be written off.
    1. Use the Entry Type drop down button to select the ‘Write-off A Debt’ option.
    2. Select the debit line item using the checkbox provided in the Sel (Selection) column on each line.
    3. Click the Save button.
    4. Click the Worksheet Action button.
  1. Click the Create/Review Entries button.
Worksheet Action
  1. Verify the ChartFields and accounts are correct before returning to post.
  2. Click the Return to Previous Panel button.
  1. Use the Action drop-down button to select the ‘Post Now’ option.
  2. Click the OK button.
Worksheet Action
  1. Use the Process List page to view the status of submitted process requests.

Note: The process has finished successfully when the Run Status column indicates ‘Success.’


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