Unposting Direct Journal Payments - 20b

Purpose:  Unpost a direct journal payment using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Receivable Staff.

  • This functionality allows the end user to un-post direct journals that have been posted already, create new un-post activity and new distribution lines for each item that is being unposted.
  • Imagine a scenario where a deposit for multiple payments have been created with direct journal marked, and then accounting entries have been created, accounting entries have been marked complete and has been run and posted. Later you have identified that you have entered an incorrect amount or GL distribution and there is no option to modify the accounting entries. You could leverage the un-post functionality to create the un-post activity, and create a new deposit with correct information with direct journal marked and create the journal payment.
  • From a system process, ensure that you follow the steps contained in this QRG to un-post the direct payment.
  • The benefits include enabling businesses to un-post the direct payment, to post correct entries, minimize loss of service, and to eliminate any journal adjustments to correct the entries.

Navigation:  Accounts Receivable > Payments > Direct Journal Payments > Unpost Direct Journal

  1. Enter appropriate search parameters:
    • Deposit Unit, and/or
    • Deposit ID, and/or
    • Payment Sequence
Unpost Direct Journal Search

This will return the results of your search in the Accounting Lines area.  The result shows deposits for which a direct journal has been posted.

  1. Select the Unpost button for the payment you would like to unpost.
  2. Review the journal (accounting entries and amounts) to ensure that the correct items haven been chosen as desired for un-posting.
  3. Select OK to unpost the direct journal payment for the reversal of the initial post.

Once you have done this, you can run AR update and the adjustments will post to the customer’s account and the General Ledger.

*If a new deposit is necessary, you must create another deposit.

You have successfully Unposted a Direct Journal Payment.

End of procedure.


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