Changing an Item Due Date - 20b

Purpose:  Change an item due date using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts receivables staff.

ctcLink enables you to modify the payment terms of an item. This included a change to the due date of the item. In this situation, you need to update single item information.

Changing an Item Due Date

Navigation:  Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Item Information > View/Update Item Details

This will take you the View/Update Item Details page.

  1. Select the Business Unit field.  Enter the desired information.
  2. Select the Customer ID field.  Enter the desired information.
  3. Select the Item ID field.  Enter the desired information.
  4. Select the Search button.
View/Update Items Details

Use the Detail 1 page to change discount, payment, and draft options for an item. You can also put an item in dispute or collections, mark an item as a deduction, and assign item owners.

Use the Due Date field to enter the date in which the item is due.

  1. Select the Due Date field.  Enter the desired information.

Use the Terms field to select a payment term that defines the:  

  • due date,
  • discount days,
  • and discount amount.
  1. Select the Terms field.  Enter the desired information.
  2. Select the Collection option.  
  3. Select the Code field.  Enter the desired information.
  4. Select the Save button.
Detail 1 Tab

You have successfully updated the due date of an item. This change takes effect immediately.

End of the Procedure.


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