Entering External Pending Item Groups - 20b

Purpose:  Enter external pending item groups in ctcLink.

Audience:   Accounts Receivables staff.

You can enter pending items into ctcLink through an interface with your company's billing software or online data entry.

When you enter pending items through a billing interface, the system edits external groups so that you can discover errors during posting instead of during pending item entry.

Your goal is to enter and post the external pending item groups.

Entering External Pending Item Groups

Navigation:  Accounts Receivables > Pending Items > External Items > Group Entry

You should now be on the Group Entry search page.

  1. Select the Group Unit field and enter desired information.
  2. Select the Group ID field and enter desired information.
  3. Select the Search button.
Group Entry Search Page

Use the Group Control tab to record the group type, origin ID, currency and control totals for the pending item group.  You can also view the status and posting action selected for the pending items group and the balance status of the existing accounting entries.

If the external item has errors, the errors will need to be corrected before posting the item.

All items should have the following status:

  • Edit Status: Edited
  • Balanced: Yes
  • Posting Status: Posted or Not Posted
  • Accounting Entries: Balanced
  • Posting Action: Do Not Post or Posted

If there are posting status errors, select the Pending Item 1 tab to determine what type of error exists. Notice the Error Info button in the middle of the screen.

Once you have corrected any errors, you can return to the Group Action tab and proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Group Action tab.

Use the Group Action tab to select the appropriate posting action for your external pending item group.  This page enables you to create or delete all accounting entries.

For external groups, only these posting action are available:

  • Do Not Post
  • Batch Priority
  • Batch Standard

Select the Batch Priority button to run the Receivables Update process the next time a priority scheduled job runs or the next time a standard scheduled job runs if that occurs first.

This option is not intended for large jobs.

  1. Select the Batch Priority button.
  2. Select the Save button.
Group Action Tab

You have successfully entered an external pending item group and set it to post.

End of procedure.


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