Viewing Outstanding Customer Payments - 20b

Purpose:  To view outstanding customer payments using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Receivables staff.

ctcLink Receivables enables you to view payment information to determine which checks you have received, how they have been identified, and how far they have progressed in the processing cycle.

In this topic, you will view payment information.

Viewing Outstanding Customer Payments

Navigation:  Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Customer Information > Outstanding Payments

You are now on the Outstanding Customer Payments search page.

  1. Select the Customer field and enter desired information.

Use the Payment State list to select the status of payments. In this case, you will be viewing all outstanding payments.

  1. Select the Search button.

Use the Outstanding Customer Payments page to view payments received, their identification, and their status in the processing cycle. You can also view the number of outstanding payments and the total payment amount if the items are associated with multiple business units and have different currencies. 

Use the Switch Display Amount field to select either Entry or Display currency.

Select the desired button under More Info column.

Use the All Payments page to view the status of a specific payment.

You have successfully viewed outstanding customer payments.

End of Procedure.


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