Viewing Customer Inquiry Items - 20b

Purpose:  To view customer inquiries using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Receivable staff.

You view the detailed item information of a customer to get an overview of your business relationship. You can view different types of customer items, those that are open or closed, or those that are past due or in dispute.

Viewing Customer Inquiry Items

Navigation:  Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Customer Information > Account Overview

You are now on the Account Overview page.

  1. Select the Profile tab.
  2. Select the Customer field. Enter the desired information.

Use the Level field to specify the items that you want to include for the customer group to which your customer belongs if applicable. Available choices are:

  • Corporate
  • Correspondence
  • No Relationship
  • Remit Form
  1. Select the Search button.

Use the Profile page to view customer profile information and use links to view in-process payments and outstanding items.

Select the Item List link to access the Item List page, where you view a list of open items for the customer.

  1. Select the Item List link.

Use the Item List page to build and view a list of items for a customer that matches your search criteria. Use links to view details for a specific item.

The Item List grid displays the results of the search criteria that you selected. It can display a limited number of items.

The maximum number of items that appear in the Item List grid is known as a chunk. Use the arrow buttons to move from chunk to chunk to find items. You define the maximum number of items in a chunk on the Installation Options - Receivables page by entering a number in the Max Number of Rows in Scrolls (maximum number of rows in scrolls) field.

Use the Personalize link to sort by column, reorder, hide, and freeze columns. This enables you to put the key fields that you want to review on the Detail 1 tab and sort the data.

  1. Select the First option. 

Use the Item Action list to select an action, to generate a report, or to view information for all the selected items, and then select the GO button.  Your choices are:

  • Generate A Dunning Letter
  • Generate an Open Item Report
  • Multi-item Update
  • Pay by Credit Card
  • Reprint Invoices
  • Tie to a New Conversation
  • Tie to the Last Conversation
  • View Items and Item Activity
  1. Select the Item Action list and select  the desired action.
  2. Select the GO button.

Use the Selected Items page to view information concerning item activity.

  1. Select the OK button.
Invoice Reprint Overrides Page

You have successfully viewed detailed item information for your customer.

End of Procedure.


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