Viewing Customer History - 20b

Purpose:  View customer history using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Receivable staff.

ctcLink Receivables enables you to view a customer's history for reviewing the customer's past credit issues and for determining potential future credit issues.

The history figures displayed are based on the last run of the Aging and the Receivables Update processes. History is recorded by fiscal years and periods defined by a company's detail calendar.

Viewing Customer History

Navigation:  Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Customer Information > Customer History

  1. Select the Customer field. Enter the desired information.

You can use the History ID field to select either a system-defined or user-defined history ID.  Use the percent sign (%) to group the IDs that begin or end with the same fragment.

You can use the History list to select the periods to display. Values are:

  • All: Displays all available periods.
  • Most Recent: Displays only the most recent period.
  1. Select the Search button.
Customer History Search Page

Use the History page to view both user-defined history and system-defined history. The system stores customer history based on the fiscal years and periods that you define on the Detail Calendar page.

The Aging process and the Receivables Update Application Engine process (ARUPDATE) update the customer history elements. If you have not run these processes recently, the history figures that you see do not reflect up-to-date activity.

  1. Select the History Chart tab.

Use the History Chart page to view a chart that has customer history information.

The default search parameters for the customer history information comes from the History page. You can override the values as needed.

  1. Select the History ID field.  Enter the desired information.

In the Fiscal Year field, enter the year for which you want to see the customer history.  You can view history for only one year at a time.

  1. Select the Fiscal Year field.  Enter the desired information.

Use the Chart Type list to select the type of chart to display. Values are:

  • 2D Bar
  • 2D Pie
  • 3D Bar
  • 3D Pie
  • Horiz Bar (horizontal bar) Line Chart
  • Stacked Bar
  1. Select the Draw Chart button.

The chart displays the customer history of customer ID.

You have successfully viewed a customer's history.

End of Procedure.


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