Viewing Customer Aging - 20b

Purpose:   To view customer aging using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Receivable staff.

Aging accounts receivable is the process of updating the age of customers' outstanding items, based on the item accounting date. In order to properly manage accounts receivable and cash flow, you should age the items at predefined intervals.

A company may age its receivables on a daily, bi-weekly, or weekly basis. Once receivables are aged, dunning letters and statements can be sent and analysis, planning, and collection work can be performed.

Viewing Customer Aging

Navigation:  Accounts Receivables > Customer Accounts > Customer Information > Customer Aging

You will now be on the Customer Aging page.

Use the search fields to select the details about the customer.

  1. Select the Customer field. Enter the desired information.

Use the Level list to include items for the customer group to which your customer belongs.

  1. Select the Search button.

Use the Customer Aging page to view or update aged accounts for a selected customer.

The Aged Date field displays the system date from the beginning of the aging run. 

The page displays New Balance if the customer's balance has changed since it was last aged. This indicates that you may want to rerun the Aging process.

Select the Update Aging button to age the customer's items during the next run of the Aging process.  The monetary amounts in the Customer Balances group box appear in either the base currency or the display currency for the business unit. To change from the base currency to the display currency, select the Use an AR Display Currency field for the business unit on the Display Currency Options page.

The High Balance and High Past Due fields show the highest balance and the highest past due amount since update aging was last run if applicable.

The Customer Aging group box has one line for each aging category defined on the Aging page. 

You have successfully viewed your customer's aging account.

End of Procedure.


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