Viewing a Partial Payment on a Worksheet - 20b

Purpose:  To view a partial payment on a worksheet

Audience:  Accounts Receivable staff.

After you create a worksheet, you can sort and categorize the items listed on it and determine how to apply or write off items. You can also create adjustments, prepayments, and deductions to balance the worksheet.

Viewing a Partial Payment on a Worksheet

Navigation:  Accounts Receivable > Payments > Apply Payments > Update Worksheet

You are now on the Update Payment Worksheet.

  1. Select the Deposit Unit field.  Enter the desired information.
  2. Select the Deposit ID field. Enter the desired information.
  3. Select the Payment Sequence field. Enter the desired information.  
  4. Select the Search button.
Update Payment Worksheet Search
  • Use the Payment Worksheet Application page to view all of the selected open items. You can also use this page to apply payments to selected items. The items are numbered consecutively.
  • The Payment Accounting Date displays the accounting date for the payment activity.
  • The fields in the Row Selection group box enable you to work with all items in the worksheet or to select a range of items.
  • The number in the Remit Seq (remit sequence) column relates to the order in which the items were entered on the Payment Worksheet Selection page. Initially, the items appear in this order. If you sort the worksheet based on the value in another column, the sequence number stays with the item, but the grid order changes. Use this column to sort the worksheet in the original order. 
  • The Pay Amt (payment amount) column initially displays the open amount for the item. You can change the amount to make a partial payment.
  • Enter the Entry Type and Reason. Some entry types are valid for existing items and some are valid only for new items.
  • As you select open items, you should check the information in the Balance group box. The system updates the amounts whenever you Select the Refresh button. If the Remaining amount is not 0, you need to adjust the payment amounts or select additional items.
  • Scroll to the right to use the Personalize link to sort by column and to reorder, hide, or freeze columns. This enables you to put the key fields that you want to review on the Detail 1 tab and sort your data. 

You have successfully viewed partial payments on a worksheet.

End of Procedure.


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