Unposting a Payment Group - 20b

Purpose:  To unpost a payment group using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Receivable staff.

 At times, you unpost payments in the receivables system due to lack of sufficient funds or incorrect entries. Unposting payments updates balances only in ctcLink Receivables. It does not update the general ledger. You can unpost payments only after the Receivables Update process is run and the payments are posted successfully.

Unposting a Payment Group - 20b

Navigation:  Accounts Receivable > Receivables Update > Unpost Groups > Payment Group

You are now on the Payment Group search page.  If the Deposit Unit does not auto-populate, you may need to complete that field first.

  1. Select the Deposit ID field.  Enter the desired information into the Deposit ID field. 
  2. Select the Search button.
Payment Group Search

Use the Payment Control page to review group control information, such as the group type, accounting date, group totals, and posting status.

If you do not want to unpost the entire group, you can unpost and repost specific items by clicking the Partial Unpost link.

  1. Select the Options tab.

Use the Options page to specify a reason for unposting a group or change the accounting date. Define document sequencing options for the unpost group.

Use the Unpost Reason field to specify the reason for unposting a payment.

  1. Select the Unpost Reason field.  Enter the desired information into the Unpost Reason field. 
Options Tab
Unpost Reason
Options Tab
  1. Select the Action tab.

Use the Action page to select the posting action for the payment. This page also enables you to delete or review an unposting payment.

  1. Select the Action list.

Select from the list item.

The transaction automatically saves when you click the OK button on the Action page.

  1. Select the OK button.

Unposting a payment group enables you to reverse and correct payments by group to update balances in the system.

After you select Save the following screen will appear. You have the option to review the unpost transactional details by selecting Review Unpost Now.

Notice the system applies an unpost group ID number. You can use this number and the Deposit ID to review posting results.

You have successfully set the selected payment group to unpost in ctcLink Receivables.

End of Procedure.


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