Performing a Partial Payment Unpost - 20b

Purpose:  To perform a partial payment unpost using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Receivable staff.

If you need to correct entry errors or handle insufficient funds, you have the option to unpost the entire payment group or perform a partial unpost. When you partially unpost a payment, you can unpost one or more items, and the worksheet balances reflect the unpost action. The partial unpost worksheet must then be rebalanced by applying any remaining payment balance. The items you add for rebalancing the worksheet will be part of the repost group.

You can unpost items and repost payments only after the Receivables Update process is run and the payments are posted successfully.

Performing a Partial Payment Unpost

Navigation:  Accounts Receivable > Receivables Update > Unpost Groups > Payment Group 

You can enter as much or as little as you wish on the search page.  Your Deposit Unit should autopopulate.

  1. Select the Deposit ID field.  Enter the desired information into the Deposit ID field.  
  2. Select the Search button.
Payment Group Search

Use the Payment Control page to review group control information, such as the group type, accounting date, group totals, and posting status.

  • To unpost the entire payment group, click the Options tab and enter a reason on the Options page.
  • To unpost specific items within the payment group, select the Partial Unpost link.
  1. Select the Partial Unpost link.

Use the Partial Unpost Worksheet Application page to unpost items and repost them to other items.

  1. Choose an Item to unpost.
  2. Select the Sel option to uncheck the box on the Item you choose to unpost.
  3. Scroll to the right to see the Add New Row button. Select the Add with Detail button.  Accept the default to add one new row.  
  4. Select the OK button.

Next, select a different item for the same business unit and customer. 

  1. Select the Look Up Item ID button.  Select a desired value.  The system adds the item ID and payment amount for the item.  
  2. Select the Pay Amt field.  Enter the amount to repost. This amount should rebalance the worksheet.  Enter the desired information into the Pay Amt field.  
  3. Scroll down to bottom of page.  Select the Refresh button.

The system creates a new row with the remaining amount for the item you added to the worksheet.  Leave this row deselected.

After verifying that the worksheet is balanced, continue to the Action page.

  1. Select the Worksheet Action link.

Use the Action page to select an action for the unpost group.

  1. Select the Action list.  
  2. Select the Batch Standard list item.  
  3. Select the OK button.

The system assigns an Unpost Group ID to the unpost group.

The group that includes the reposted item will be assigned the next group ID.

You have successfully performed a partial payment unpost, in which you unposted an item, added a new item to balance the worksheet, and reposted.

End of Procedure.


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