AR Transaction View and Drill Down Process - 20b

Purpose:  To enable users to inquire on linked sets of related data using ctcLink.

Audience:  Accounts Receivable staff.


AR Transaction View and Drill Down Process

Use the Notes button (exclamation mark) next to the Customer field to access notes or documents associated with the selected customer. This button appears only if notes and documents exist for this customer.

The system populates the Action List and Customer Details sections and the Collections Workbench tabs with data for the selected search criteria.

Use the Personalize Content link to access the Personalize Content page, where you can personalize the tabs and sections you see on the Collections Workbench. For example, you may want to hide the Action List section if you don't want to use it, or you may want to change the tab labels and tab order of appearance.

Select the Expand section button.

Use the Action List section to view any action items associated with the user ID and the selected customer. If you do not specify a customer ID and you click the Search button in the header of the Collections Workbench, the system displays all action items that are assigned to this user and have an action status of New.


Navigation:  Accounts Receivable > Customer Accounts > Customer Information > Customer Activity


On the Customer Activity search page you will enter the desired information to enable a drill down of Item Activity.

  1. Select the Customer field and enter the customer information you would like to search on.
  2. Select the Search button.

Notice the list of Item IDs in the Item Activity section.  

  1. Select a specific Item ID based on your needs.

This will open the Item Maintenance screen. On this page, one can also click on any of the following tabs:

  • Detail 2
  • Detail 3
  • Item Activity
  • Item Accounting Entries
  • Item Audit History

Of particular interest are: Item Activity and Item Accounting Entries.

  1. Select the Item Activity tab and review the results.
  1. Next select the Item Accounting Entries tab and review the results.

Select Cancel to return to the Item Activity page to select another Item ID to review.

You have successfully viewed AR transactions and drilled down to review activities in more detail.

End of procedure.


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