Creating a Recurring Bill - 22k

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for creating a recurring bill in ctcLink.

Audience: Billing/AR Specialists

Navigation: Main Menu > Billing > Maintain Bills > Express Billing

  1. On the Express Bill Entry page, click the Add a New Value tab.
  2. If your school has a special designation for bill templates, enter it in the Invoice field. If not, leave the default value of NEXT.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Configure the bill template just as you would if you were entering a single bill (the first of the series):
    a.  Select an appropriate Bill Type
    b.  Select Billing as the Bill Source
    c.  Select a Customer
Bill Type section
  1. Change the value of Cycle ID to a cycle that is associated with a recurring schedule.
  2. Change the value of Frequency to Recurring.
Cycle ID field
  1. Configure the Bill Lines as you would for a single bill:
    a.  Enter ID in the Table field
    b.  Select a Charge Code by using the Lookup button next to the Identifier field
    c.  Enter Quantity
    d.  Enter a Unit Price
  2. Click the Save button.
  3. Click the Recurring Bill Schedule icon.
  1. On the Recurring Bill Schedule page, enter start and end dates for the recurring bill period.
  2. Check the Pre-Assign Invoice Numbers box if you want the system to reserve a series of contiguous invoice numbers.
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. Click the Generate Rev. Rec. Schedule icon.
Recurring Bill Schedules
  1. Click the View All link.
Recurring Schedule
  1. Click Save.
  2. Click the Return to Bill Entry link.
  3. Change the Bill Status to Ready (RDY).
  4. Click Save.

*Note that recurring bills will be invoiced only when the Create Recurring Bills process runs and scheduled bills are ready for invoicing.


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