Creating a One-Time Bill - 22c

Purpose: Use this documentasa referencefor creating a one-time bill in ctcLink.

Audience: Billing/AR Specialists

This guide will walk you through creating a one-time bill. For additional details about what information your school requires, please refer to local business process policy and documentation.

Creating a one-time bill

Navigation: Main Menu > Billing > Maintain Bills > Express Billing

  1. On the Express Bill Entry page, click the Add a New Value tab.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. On the Billing General page, select:
    • An appropriate Bill Type
    • Billing as the Bill Source
    • A Customer
Billing General tab
  1. In the Bill Lines section, add one or more Bill Lines:
    1. Enter ID in the Table field.
    2. Select a Charge Code by using the Lookup button next to the Identifier field.
    3. Enter a Quantity.
    4. Enter a Unit Price.
  1. Once data is entered, return to the top of the screen and click on the Calculate Taxes icon.
Billing General tab
  1. Bill Summary Information will pop up. Review information and select OK when finished.
Bill Summary Info tab
  1. Return to the top of the screen and change theBill Statusto Ready (RDY).
  2. Select Save.


Julie Lilienkamp

This worked. Not all accounts, however are set up in the "identifier" column, and if that happens, it does not work. Thanks.

Corinne Taylor

Thank you for the comment-it is being forwarded to ERP/Project staff to review.

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