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Finalize Bills via Single Action Invoice

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for finalizing bills via single action invoice in ctcLink.

Audience: Billing/AR Specialists

This guide will walk you through finalizing bills. For additional details about what information your school requires, please refer to local business process policy and documentation. 

Finalizing a Bill via Single Action Invoice

Navigation: Main Menu > Billing > Generate invoices > Non-consolidated > Single Action Invoice

  1. On the Single Action Invoice page, select an existing (or create a new) Run Control ID.
    1. Select Batch Standard in the Posting Action section.
    2. Select an appropriate Range Selection and provide the definition values for that range.
  1. Click the Bills to be Processed icon to review bills in your selected range with a status of Ready (RDY).
Process Monitor
  1. When the appropriate bills have been selected, click the Return button.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Check the Single Action w/ Comm Cntl process.
  4. Select Web under Type.
  5. Select PDF under Format.
Process List
  1. Click OK.
  2. Click the Process Monitor link.
  3. When the process is complete (expect this multi-process to take a while), click the Go back to Single Action Invoice link.
  4. Click the Report Manager link.
  5. Select the Administration tab.
  6. Review the job output including:
    1. Pre Process Finalization
    2. Invoice Extract
    3. Load GL Interface
    4. Load AR Pending Items (note the Group ID)
    5. Generate AP Vouchers
    6. Invoice Bursting Program (for individual invoices)
    7. BI_PRNXPNO1 – BI_PRNXPNO1.pdf (for bundled invoices)
  7. If there are errors go to Main Menu Billing Review Processing Results Review Invoice Errors.For customers configured to receive invoices via email, navigate to: Main Menu Billing Generate Invoices Utilities eBill Payment Utilities Non-Consolidated Request Email Notification, to run the job.


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