Entering a Deferred Revenue Bill

Purpose:  Use this document to enter a deferred revenue bill.

Audience:  Finance/Billing

Navigation:  Main Menu > Billing > Maintain Bills > Standard Billing

  1. Click on the Add a New Value tab.
  2. Enter valid data into the Bill Type Identifier field.
  3. Enter information into the Customer field.
  4. Click the Add tab.
Add a New Value tab
  1. Use the Header - Info 1 page to review and enter information such as the bill source, the bill type, the customer information, and payment terms.
  2. Use the Type filed to specify the type of bill.  Bill types represent categories of activity grouped on a particular bill.
  3. Use the Frequency list to define a bill as a recurring bill template or an installment bill template.
  4. Use the Customer field to enter the ID for a customer for whom you are creating the deferred revenue bill.
  5. The Invoice Form field displays the format for the bill.
  6. Click the Line-Info 1 tab.
  7. Use the Line-Info 1 page to record required charge information such as product, quantity, and price.
Header Info 1 tab

Use the Table field to determine the type of options that are available in the Identifier field.  For example, if you select the Charge Code table, the values available in the Identifier field come from the Charge Code table.

  1. Enter valid value in the Table field.
  2. Enter valid value in the Identifier field.
  3. Enter a valid value in the Quantity field.
  4. Enter valid date in the From Date field.
  5. Enter valid date in the To Date field.
  6. Click the Line Info 2 link.  Use the Line-Info 2 page to record specific bill source information.
  7. Use the Revenue Recognition Basis list to enter the range of time over which to defer revenue.
  8. Click the Revenue Recognition Basis list.
  9. Click the From/To Date Range.  Review the different pages that display deferred revenue information.
  10. Click the Navigation list.
  11. Click the Acctg-Deferred Rev Dist list item - Use the Acctg Deferred page to specify general-ledger deferred account distribution information for each bill line.
Line Info 1 tab
  1. Click Save to save bill.
Line Info 2 tab


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