Reprinting an Invoice 22

Purpose:  Use this document to reprint an invoice within ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Billing

Navigation:  Billing > Locate Bills > Bills Invoiced

NOTE:  If you have the invoice number, you can begin with step 5.

  1. In the Bill To field, you can search by Customer or Contract.  (Example below is using the search criteria of Contract).
  2. Enter appropriate values in any of the fields in the top portion of the page.
  3. Select the Search button.
Bills invoiced page
  1. Write down or copy the invoice number.
  2. Navigate to the following menu path:  Billing > Generate Invoices > Reprint Invoices
  3. Enter a Run Control ID.
Find an existing value tab
Reprint Invoices tab
  1. Go to Print Options tab.
  1. Return to Reprint Invoices tab.
  2. Select the Run button.
  3. Run and Select the Process BIP J65 and also verify that the type and format are set as shown below.
  4. Select OK.
  5. Set as shown below-select OK.
Process Scheduler Request page
  1. Navigate to the Process Monitor:  Peopletools > Process Scheduler > Process Monitor - the Process List page is displayed.
  2. Return to the Reprint Invoices page via the hyperlink.
Process List
  1. Select the Report Manager hyperlink.
Reprint Invoices tab

The Reporting Manager page is displayed.

  1. Select the Administration tab.
  2. Select the BIXCLSUM-BIXCLSUM.pdf description hyperlink to view or print the invoice.
Administration tab

Example of Invoice:


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