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Deferring a Reimbursable Grant Line

Purpose:  This is the process to defer a billable line on a Reimbursable Contracts/Grants.  Billable lines are created from actual expenses that occur in the Grant.  Deferring a line might be necessary if there is a need to bill the line at a later date.  Remember that Fixed Priced contracts have no billable lines, therefore this process is not needed.

Audience:  Finance/Billing/Grants Billing

Complete the following steps FIRST

  1. Run the Contracts to Billing Interface
  2. Execute Billing Interface Process

For instructions on Billing, please refer to the Billing Process Reimbursable Contracts QRG.

Review Billing Worksheet

The purpose of the Billing Worksheet is to allow a user to verify some of the information that would appear on an invoice before an invoice is generated. At this stage, the invoice is a temporary invoice and will have a prefix of TMP. In addition to this page CtcLink provides functionality that allows you to produce a Pro Forma invoice before approving the billing worksheet. This process allows you to produce an invoice for those individuals who may not have access to the billing worksheet or the ability to run billing processes. The pro-forma invoice shows how the real invoice will look and shows the demographic data that will appear on invoice.

The user can then return to the Billing Worksheet(s) on this page and either approve or delete each worksheet and save the page. After the page is saved, all Billing Worksheets that had an action value of Approved or Delete disappear from the page. The only line modifications that can occur on this page is if you need to Defer a line.  If the user needs to modify more than deferring a line, then the invoice should be deleted and the billing process should be run from the beginning again to capture whatever changes occur within the CtcLink source systems once the changes are completed.  

If the invoice is approved and has changes that need to be made after the approval, the only way to fix this is to do a credit and rebill process. Please refer to the Credit and Rebill QRG.

Navigation:  Billing > Manage Billing Worksheet >  Update Billing Worksheet

  1. Enter valid values in the Find an Existing Value page.
  1. On the Worksheet Headers tab, select the Set Filters Options hyperlink and confirm that WAxxx is populated in the Business Unit field.  
  1. Once the values have been populated, select the Save Search button.

Note:  Using the Set Filter Options page, the user can search for a specific Billing Worksheet or a group of worksheets to be reviewed. This is a one-time setup step. The other fields can be used (i.e. Contract #) in the future on the ad hoc basis to filter the worksheets displayed.

  1. Select the Search button.

The contracts that match the criteria entered on Set Filter Options page will appear in the Header Level Detail section of the page.

The Worksheet Header information for all awards that have expenses to be billed will be displayed.

  1. Select the Header Info 1 button to view the header information for a particular bill.
  2. Review the fields and links on this page to identify any incorrect values for the Sponsor.
  3. Select the Save button to save changes.
    This step is suggested on initial billings of a sponsor to ensure that the correct setup has occurred for both the sponsor and awards. Any incorrect information can be updated from these pages; however the Billing Specialist should also update the Sponsor data as well as contact the Grants Manager for Award setup problems.
Header Info 1 button

Note:  Here is where you can change the invoice date, accounting date and the Pay Terms if needed, as shown above. You can enter Header Notes on the Billing Header Info page. 1. Also notice the icon Pro Forma which will give a preview of the invoice.

  1. Select the Return to Manage Billing Worksheet hyperlink to return the worksheet page.
  2. Select the Line Details tab.

The Lines Details page is displayed.

  1. Select either Bill or Defer from the Billing Option drop-down box. (If the line is ready to be Billed select ‘Bill’, otherwise select ‘Defer’).
  2. A Defer Date must be entered if ‘Defer’ is selected.
  3. Select the calendar icon  to select a date for the  Defer line. NOTE: The date that you select is the date that the line will become available to bill, the line will not be eligible to bill until the date is reached.  

Date field. *Note you will see the lines that are Deferred in the Temporary (Pro Forma invoice) still as line 0, but when you approve the worksheet it will remove the lines from the invoice.

NOTE:  The Lines Detail page shows all of the transaction lines to be billed that are associated with every Billing Worksheet that appeared on the previous page. Select the arrows in the red box to scroll down through all of the lines if you have a large number of lines.

  1. Select Save.
  2. Select the Worksheet Headers tab.
  3. Select the check box corresponding to the appropriate contract and select the Approve Now button. NOTE:  Only approve the worksheet if you are sure that it is correct otherwise you need to delete the worksheet and start the process over again.
  4. Select Save.

Complete Process

  1. Generate Invoice

(For instructions on Billing, please refer to the QRG Billing Process for Reimbursable Contracts.


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