Program Project Billing - 22

Purpose:  Use this document to bill manually outside of the Grants and Contracts module in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Billing

  • Program Projects are not attached to a contract, therefore billing must be done manually outside of the Grants and Contracts module.
  • Program Projects are created in the Project costing module and not in the Grants module.
  • Programs projects were created for those items that are in a 145 fund but are not originated from an awarded Grant.
  • For more information on how to create a "Program Project", please see the Creating a Project - 31f QRG.

Navigation:  Billing > Maintain Bills > Standard Billing

  1. In the Business Unit field, enter or select a valid Business Unit.
  2. In the Invoice field, enter NEXT.
  3. In the Customer field, enter or select a valid customer.
  4. In the Invoice Date field, enter desired invoice date.
  5. In the Accounting Date, enter desired Accounting Date.
  6. Select Add.
Add a New Value tab
  1. From the Navigation drop down, you can access different tabs.
Header Info 1 tab
  1. Header Note (as below) or you can select a line note.
Line Info 1 tab
  1. Select Navigation to the Line Info 1.
Line Info 1 tab
  1. Select Navigation to the Header-AR Distribution, here you can check the AR distribution.
AR Distribution tab
  1. Select Navigation to the Acctg-Rev Distribution, you will then need to complete:

    Oper Unit
    State Purpose
    PC Business Unit
    Activity Fields
  1. Select Navigation to the Line-Project Info, you will need to complete:
    The PC Bus Unit
    Analysis Type
    If this section is not complete, you will receive the error shown below.
Example message
Line Proj Info tab

Below is an example the invoice.

Example of Invoice
  1. When you are ready to bill you will need to change the Status from New to Ready (RDY).

Generate the invoice.

Navigation:  Billing > Generate Invoices > Non Consolidated > Single Action Invoice

Single Action Invoice tab
Process Scheduler Request page


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