Deleting Temporary Bills

Purpose: Use this document to delete a temporary bill within ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Billing Specialist


Temporary bills are copies of the billing pushed from Grants/Contracts to the billing modules.  The deletion of these copies is a business decision for when, what, and who, should delete these.  

There are two ways in which to delete these temporary bills. The first is in workflow set up in which the temporary bills can be deleted automatically at a predetermined setting.  The second, is through a manual process that gives the Users the control capability to delete as their business processes determine.  

Deleting a temporary bill does not delete a permanent bill.  A temporary bill is used to give the billing users the ability to review invoices from Grants/Contracts before finalizing.

Navigation: Main Menu > Billing > General Invoices > Utilities > Delete Temporary Bills

  1. Enter Business Unit.
  2. Select Search.
delete temporary bills page
  1. In the Select field drop down menu, select All, or select the individual temporary bills by checking them under the Sel column.
  2. Select the trash can icon.
temporary bills selection section

The temporary bill is now deleted.