Deleting Cancelled Bills

Purpose:  Use this document to delete a cancelled bill within ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Billing Specialist

OVERVIEW:  This QRG (Quick Reference Guide) is covering non-contract bill deletion in which users can delete already cancelled bills so they will not show under cancelled bills.  It is not a requirement that a canceled bill be deleted; it is a business decision on whether your college wants to retain canceled bills or remove them.

Navigation: Main Menu > Billing > General Invoices > Utilities > Delete Canceled Bills

  1. Enter Business Unit. (Or use Canceled Bill Selection to further select your criteria by Customer or Date).
  2. Select Search.
  1. In the Select field drop down menu, select All or select the individual cancelled bills by checking them under the Sel column.
  2. Select the trash can icon.
Canceled bill selection section

The canceled bill is now deleted.


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