Reviewing Bank Balances - 16j

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for reviewing bank balances in ctcLink.

Audience: Settlement Manager, GL Accountant

Navigation: Main Menu > Banking > Bank Statements > Review Bank Balances

Reviewing Bank Balances Information

  1. On the Review Bank Balances page, enter appropriate information in the Search Criteria section:
    1. Use the Search By drop-down button to select whether to summarize data by a single business unit or by group ID for a group of business units.
    2. Use the Sum By drop-down button to select bank or currency to summarize the data, if the search parameters return multiple results.
    3. Use the Select Balance to Graph drop-down button to select the information to appear in a chart: CLOSING AVAILABLE, CLOSING LEDGER, or OPENING LEDGER.
    4. If you want to generate a graph, click the Generate Graph button.

Note: Depending on the search parameters, a circle or stacked bar chart appears. Hover the cursor over a chart segment to display the balance total for that segment. You must hold the cursor within the graph segment boundaries to view the balance information.

Note: The charting functionality derives data from the bank balances specified as favorite balances on the Balance Codes page. To chart bank balance data, two conditions must exist:

  1. The Bank Codes page must be configured with three favorite bank balances.

Note: However, you can specify new favorite bank balances at any time—the charting functionality derives data from the most recently specified three favorite bank balances.

  1. There must be data in a favorite bank balance for you to chart the balance.

Note: Without data in the system, you cannot create a chart.

  1. The bank balance graph appears at the page bottom.
  2. If the search parameters return a single bank account (only one row of results), the graphed balance appears in a bar chart.
  3. If the search parameters return multiple bank accounts (multiple rows of results) of a single currency, the graphed balances appear as a stacked bar chart, organized per account by bank ID. The individual bar segments are color-coded to a specific account number.
  4. Click the Search button.
Review Bank Balances


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