Creating EFT Requests - 16d

Purpose:Usethisdocumentasa referenceforcreating an EFT requestinctcLink.

Audience: Settlement Manager, GL Accountant

Navigation: Main Menu > Cash Management > Fees and Transfers > EFT Request

Creating EFT Requests

  1. Enter existing search criteria or click the Add a New Value tab on the EFT Request page to add a new value.
    1. If it did not default, enter or select the business unit in the Business Unit field.
    2. Click the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. Use the Origin tab to complete the EFT request information:
    1. Enter a brief description in the Description field. If you use a template, this description will be prefilled for you.
    2. Create the EFT transfer from a template or on an ad hoc basis:
      • Select a Template ID to automatically populate the transfer information.
      • Leave the Template ID field blank to create an ad hoc EFT transfer. Complete the remaining fields on the page.
      • Select an Acct Template (accounting template) if accounting is to be run for the transfer. Leave this field blank if the transfer is already accounted for in another ctcLink application.
Origin tab
  1. On the Destination tab specify destination information by entering recipient information for a funds transfer.
    1. Click the Get Settlement Instructions button – This will automatically populate fields. All fields are overwritten with the settlement instruction information, including fields on the Beneficiary Address, EFT Options, Routings, and Detailed Description pages. Also, if a field is blank in the settlement instruction, the corresponding field on this page is also blank.

Note: If you used a Template ID on the Origin tab, the appropriate information has already been filled in the Destination tab and Beneficiary Address tab and the Get Settlement Instruction button will not be available.

Destination tab
  1. Click the Save button.


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