Manually Approving Settlements - 16d

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for manually approve settlements in ctcLink.

Audience: Settlement Manager, GL Accountant


If you enable settlement authorization workflow, the system submits payments to the appropriate Worklists for approval. If you enable auto approval, the system marks the payments as approved and ready for dispatch.

If you enable manual settlement approval, you must manually approve the payments on the Settlement Approval page.

If you do not enable automatic settlement approval, the system automatically marks the payments as approved and ready for dispatch.

Navigation: Main Menu > Cash Management > Settlements > Approve Settlements

Manually Approving Settlements

  1. In the Settlement Search Criteria section enter the search criteria for the payment that you want to process.
  2. Click the Search button to display a list of payments.
Approve Settlements
  1. Use the Payments – (All) section to perform the following:
    1. Select a payment by selecting the check box to the left of the payments information line.
    2. Click the Approve Payments button to approve settlements for payment processing. The Status of the payments changes to Approved and is sent to Financial Gateway.

Note: The status will not change immediately to Approved if you are using workflow for settlements requiring additional approval based on the dollar amount.

  1. Click the Deny Payments button to deny settlements for payment processing. After you deny a payment, the system changes the Status field to Denied.

Note: You cannot deny a payment once the automated accounting process is run for the settlement.

Approve Settlements


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