Dispatching Payments - 16d

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for dispatching payments in ctcLink.

Audience: Settlement Manager, GL Accountant

You dispatch payments in Financial Gateway by running the Payment Dispatch process. You can run this process manually or schedule it to run at a specified time using the Process Scheduler.

When the Dispatch on Load check box is selected on the Source Registration page, the payment dispatch process is executed for each message ID upon payment load.

Navigation: Main Menu > Financial Gateway > Process Payments > Payment Dispatch

Dispatching Payments

  1. In the Search Fields section of the page, complete the applicable fields for your Business Unit.
    1. Use the Edit User Preferences link to define how certain elements of the Dispatch Payments page are displayed and how they will function.
    2. Click the Search button.
  2. The Payments section can be used to perform the following activities:
    1. Under the Select column, select the payments to be dispatched or flagged for hold. This field is unavailable for entry for payments that have already been dispatched.
    2. Click the Dispatch button to send selected payments to the banks.
    3. Click the Payment Notes button to access the Payment Notes page, which you use to add and view comments about the specified transaction. Comments added here appear only online within the Financial Gateway system—including the event log—for the particular payment.
    4. Click the Addenda Information button to access the Addenda page, which you use to add additional instructions for the specified payment. Instructions will appear within the actual payment file.
    5. Click the Transfer to Source button to access the source application to view detailed information about the specified transaction.
    6. Click the Review Payment Details button o access the Review Payment Details page to view the payment progress, events, and detailed information on the transaction.
    7. Click the Review Payment File link to review payment file transmittal information.
Payment Dispatch


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