Viewing & Approving Accounting Entries - 16i

Purpose:  Use this document to view and approve accounting entries awaiting review within ctcLink.

Audience:  Cash/Treasury Manager (Supervisor)

Navigation:  Main Menu > Cash Management > Treasury Accounting > View/Approve Entries

  1. On the Find an Existing Value tab, enter valid value for Business Unit.
  2. Select Search.
Find an existing value tab

The Status list initially displays the status of accounting entries displayed in the Accounting Entries grid.  You ca choose from the following values:

  • Error:  Entries are in error and must be corrected before posting to General Ledger.  Error status can only be set by the Automated Accounting Process.
  • Needs Correction: Entries are found to be in error.  Needs Correction status (can only be set manually).
  • Provisional:  Entries passed system verifications, but require visual inspection.  You can review the entry and then save it with a new status of Final or Needs Correction.
  • Final:  Entries are ready to post to the General Ledger
  1. In the Line column on the Line Detail tab, you can click a link to access the Accounting Entries page for that event.
  2. Click on the Chartfields tab to view the ChartField values.
  3. Click on the Additional Details tab to view the Additional Details values.
  4. Click on the Journal tab to view values.
  5. Click on the Document Sequencing tab to view document sequencing for the line item.
  6. Upon the completion of your review, you can change the value in the Status list to Final. 
  7. Click the Status list.
  8. Click the Final list item.
  9. Click Save.
Accounting Entries section


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