Creating an Expense Report - 29c

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for creating an expense report from a blank expense report  in ctcLink.

Audience: Financial Staff/Employees

Navigation: Main Menu →  Employee Self-Service → Travel and Expenses → Expense Report → Create/Modify

Creating an Expense Report

Note:  Depending on your role, the Empl ID will default into the field. If you are authorized to enter an expense report on behalf of someone else, then you will need to look up the Empl ID first.

  1. Click Add 
Add a New Value tab

Note:  From the Create Expense Report page you can start from a blank expense report (the default setting) or use the Quick Start dropdown button to create from an existing expense report or from a template.

  1. Click the BusinessPurpose list. Select the appropriate business purpose for the expense report.
  2. Click in the ReportDescription field. Enter a valid value, e.g. “Trip to Everett”
  3. Click the DefaultLocation lookup icon. Click the LookUp button.  Choose location.
  4. Click the ChooseaDate button (calendar).  Select the appropriate date.
  5. Click the ExpenseType dropdown button.  Select type.
  6. Click in the Description field. Enter a valid value. Add a brief description.
  7. Click the PaymentType list. Select the appropriate payment type.
  8. Click the BillingType list. *Always use the billing type “Billable”.
  9. Click the TransportationID list. Click appropriate choice.
  10. Click in the Miles field.  Enter the estimated miles.
  11. Click to expand AccountingDetails.
  12. Enter or use Lookup icon in OperUnit field. Select appropriate operating unit.
  13. Enter or use Lookup icon in Fund field. Select appropriate Fund Code.
  14. Enter or use Lookup icon in  Dept field.  Click in the Description field.  Look for all the departments that contain “travel” in the description. Select appropriate Dept.
  15. Click the Lookup icon in the Class field. Select appropriate class number.
  16. Scroll to the right to view additional fields.
  17. Click in the StatePurpose field. Select appropriate value.
  18. Click the Summary and Submit button.
Create Expense Report
Create Expense Report
  1. Select the checkbox to certify that the expenses submitted are accurate ad comply with expense policies.
Create Expense Report
  1. Click the SubmitExpenseReport button. 
  2. Click OK
Expense Report Submit Confirm


Dennis Eaker

In #9 above, it states that we are to always use nonbillable. If we code everything as nonbillable will those costs still come across to the project costing tables. In a prior conversation with the Saket and Christyanna, they informed us that if it is coded as nonbillable, it will not be picked up in the cost collection process. Please let me know if this has changed or if the QRG needs to be changed.
Thank you.

Corinne Taylor

Thank your for letting us know of a needed update! Changes have been made.

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