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Creating a Travel Authorization - 29a

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to create a Travel Authorization in ctcLink

Audience: Financial Staff/Employees

Creating a Cash Advance Request

Navigation:  Main Menu > Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expenses > Travel Authorizations > Create/Modify

  1. Depending on your role, the Empl ID will default into the field. If you are authorized to enter a cash advance on behalf of someone else, then you will need to look up the Empl ID first.
  2. Click the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. On the Create Travel Authorization page, under the General Information section, enter appropriate information into the Description field.
  2. Click the Business Purpose dropdown and select appropriate item.
  3. Enter desired information into the Comment field if applicable.
  4. Use the Default Location look up button to find the correct code for travel location. The most common use will be to look up the Expense Location codes in Washington. Enter ‘WA’ in the field next to ‘begins with’. Click the Look UP button.
  5. Select the appropriate travel location.
  6. Enter a date or use the Choose a Date button in the Date From field to select the first day of travel.
  7. Enter a date or use the Choose a Date button in the Date From field to select the last day of travel.
Travel Authorization Entry
  1. Under the Details section, select the appropriate Expense Type from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter a Date or use the Choose a Date button to select a date for the line item.
  3. Click the Payment Type dropdown list and select the appropriate payment type.
  4. Click the Billing Type dropdown list and select the appropriate billing type. ‘Nonbillable’ should always be selected.
  5. Click the Detail link.
Details section
  1. On the About This Expense page, click the Transportation ID dropdown list and select appropriate option.

The Transportation ID will only populate if you have added it to your Profile.

  1. Enter the estimated miles for the trip into the Miles field.
  2. Click the Calc Mileage button.
  3. Enter a brief description for the mileage entry into the Description field.
  4. Click the Accounting Detail link.
Authorization Detail for Transportation Mileage (Line 1)
  1. On the Accounting Summary page, enter or look up the Oper Unit information.
  2. Enter or use the Look UpFund button. Select the appropriate Fund.
  3. Enter or use the Look Up Dept button. Select the appropriate Department.
  4. Enter or use the Look Up Class button. Select the appropriate Class.
  5. Enter or use the Look Up State Purpose button. Select the appropriate Purpose.
  6. Click the OK button.
Accounting Summary
  1. Click the Check Expense For Errors button. If no errors are returned, use the Return to Travel Authorization Entry link.

If errors are returned, they must be cleared before you can proceed with the TA entry.

  1. There are three options at this point:
    1. You can continue to add items to the Travel Authorization (TA). Return to the List of Travel Entry Options to continue working on the Travel Authorization.
Submit Confirmation
  1. You can complete the Travel Authorization now by submitting it (without a Cash Advance (CA)).
Submit Confirmation
  1. You can click the Save for Later button which will issue the TA Authorization ID. Click the Create A Cash Advance link which opens a new window in ctcLink and populates the Business Purpose and Advance Description fields in the header of the CA to match the TA entry. Once the CA is submitted you can return to the TA entry and submit.
General Information


Anna Gonzales

This DOES NOT tell you how to create a travel authorization. It is only for a cash advance which you already have. You need something far more detailed and accurate to assist people on what to do if you are going to be training people on how to create TAs.

Corinne Taylor

New, updated Travel Authorization training materials are in the process of being tested. Updates will be made available in the very near future.
Thank you.

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