Modifying Expenses User Defaults

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for modifying user defaults in ctcLink Expenses.

Audience: Faculty and Staff seeking travel reimbursement.

Configuring User Defaults reduces the amount of data entry required to complete Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports. These defaults may be configurable or may be controlled by others (depending on security privileges). Keep in mind that default values can be changed; they are merely a convenience.         

Navigation:  Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expenses > Review/Edit Profile

  1. Click the UserDefaults tab.
User Defaults tab
  1. Use the Default Creation Method section to specify how the system behaves when you create a Travel Authorization or Expense Report. For example, the following options are available for Expense Reports:
    1. Open a Blank Report– Creating an expense report will not prompt the creator to copy any existing data.
    2. Copy From a Travel Auth. – Creating an Expense Report will prompt for a Travel Authorization to copy.
    3. Copy from a Template – Will prompt for a Template to copy.
    4. Copy an Existing Report – Will prompt for an Expense Report to copy.
  2. Use the ExpenseDefaults section to specify a default value for various fields. For example, specify an Expense Location if most expenses are incurred in a particular city.
  1. Use the ExpenseTypeDefaults section to configure a default Payment Type and/or Billing Type for a particular Expense Type. For example, the following defines default values for all in-state hotel stays.
  1. Use the Projects Defaults for Expenses section to define project-related accounting values.
  2. Click Save.


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