Reconciling Cash Advances

Purpose:  Use this document to reconcile cash advances against an expense report where the employee did not use the entire advance. This employee gave you a check to reimburse the company for the difference between their expenses and their cash advance.

Audience:  Finance Staff/Expenses

Navigation:  Main Menu > Travel and Expenses > Manage Accounting > Reconcile Cash Advance

  1. Enter Employee Advance ID number, otherwise select Advance Search and provide different criteria to find the Advance ID.
  2. Select Search.
  3. Use the Reconcile Cash Advance Report page to reconcile a cash advance.  You can compare the cash advance against a submitted expense report to correctly reimburse the employee.
  4. Use the Accounting Date field to enter the accounting date for Expenses to use to generate new accounting entries for cash advances reconciled through an employee reimbursement.
  5. If the cash advance is associated with an expense report, Expenses displays the expense report ID, creation date, report status and amounts in the Associated Expense Reports grid.
Reconcile Cash Advance Report page
  1. If there is no report ID, you can still reconcile the cash advance.  For example, if an employee received a cash advance but did not take the planned business trip or did not use all of the cash advance, the cash advance can be reconciled by the employee writing a check to the organization for the total displayed in the Due Company field.
  2. Use the Number field to enter check numbers and check amounts when the employee submit checks for unused cash advance funds. You can enter multiple checks.
  3. Select Reconcile.
Reconcile Cash Advance Report page
  1. If the amount applied to expense reports and total payments received equals the cash advance request amount, Expenses sets the cash advance status to Reconciled.
  2. Notice the Status has changed to Reconciled and the Payments Received fields is updated with the amount paid.

NOTE:  The cash advance is reconciled when the Due Company field reaches zero balance and the reconcile button is inactive.


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