How to Delete an Expense Report

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to delete an expense report in ctcLink.


Navigation; Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > Expense Reports > Delete

The first step is to retrieve the expense report to delete.

  1. On the entry screen on Delete Expense Reports, select the Find an Existing Value tab. You can either go directly into Search at this point by selecting the Find an Existing Value, or, if you want to search by the empl id (employee id) you can use the magnifying glass and search for the Empl Id and then select Search.  (You can also search by using the Name field’s drop down menu to find the cash advance you want to delete).
  2. Selecting the Search button will bring up a page with the field Search by Field.  Use the drop down to find the Expense Report
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. This will pull up a list of Expense Reports.
  2. To delete one, check on the box below Select and press the Delete Selected Expense Report button.  You may choose more than one by checking the box under Select that pertains to all Expense Reports to be deleted.

End of process.


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