Viewing Journal Entry Errors

Purpose: Use this document as a reference to view journal entry errors in ctcLink.

Audience: Accounting Staff.

When you run the journal edit process, journal information is checked and errors are found.  A summary of these errors in the journal is then available for viewing. In this QRG, you will view these journal entry errors and the nature of those errors on the Journal Header and Journal Lines pages.

Part of your daily routine may be to post journals at the end of the day. However, before you post these journals, you must first check for errors and correct them. This process identifies those errors and provides information on where the error is, enable further troubleshooting to correct them.

Viewing Journal Entry Errors

Navigation: Main Menu > General Ledger > Journals > Journal Entry > Create/Update Journal Entries

  1. Select the Find an Existing Value tab.
  2. Select the Clear button.
  3. Select the Business Unit field.  Enter the desired information into the Business Unit field.
  4. Select the Journal Header Status list.  Select the Journal Has Errors option.
  5. Select the Search button. 
Create/Update Journal Entries

The results of your Search will be listed below the Create/Update Journal Entries screen.

  1. Select  a row in any field to access the Header page.  (If there is only one journal in error, the search takes you directly to the header page of the journal in error.)
  1. Select the Errors tab.

Use the Errors page to view the Header and Line error messages and determine the nature of those errors.  The line errors on this page show the fields in error, as well as message sets that contain the error message, message number, and message text.

Header errors are displayed in the Header Error grid.  Click on a number in the Line # column to navigate to the Journal Line page line entries in error.

Specific Errors Page

You have successfully viewed Journal Entry Errors.


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