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Reviewing Financial Information in General Ledger

Purpose:  Use this document to navigate to and review financial information in General Ledger.

Audience:   Finance Staff/Administrators

Navigation: Main Menu > General Ledger> Review Financial Information > Ledger

Overview:  in the General Ledger module there are several ways to create and review reports.  The following allows for cumulative totals based on a selected criteria.  It also has detail drill down capability.

  1. Enter a new Run ID or search for an existing Run ID.
  2. Select the Search button.
Search Criteria section
  1. Select Search Criteria.
  2. Fill out Unit, Ledger, Fiscal Year, and From and To Period.  
  3. In the Chartfield criteria the selection of up to fourteen criteria can be used.  (Note to the right is the adjustment periods which can be added to the search).  
  4. Select Save.
  5. Select Search.
  1. Scroll to the right to find the total.  (The cumulative total for the criteria requested is located at the bottom).

To the left is the Detail link for drilling down.

  1. Select the Detail hyperlink.
Detail hyperlink
  1. Select the Activity hyperlink to further drill down.
  1. Select the Journal ID to further drill down to the original document.

Summary:  the General Ledger Review Financial Information can be used for cumulative totals of selected criteria, or for drilling down to specific detail.


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