Performing an Award Modification - 31f

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for performing an award modification in ctcLink.

Audience: Settlement Manager, GL Accountant

Navigation: Main Menu > Grants > Awards > Award Profile

Performing an Award Modification

  1. Use the Find an Existing Value tab of the Award Profile page to search for an award:
    1. If it did not default, enter or select the appropriate business unit in the Business Unit field.
    2. Enter or select the award number in the Award ID field.
    3. Click theSearch button.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. Click the Award Modifications hyperlink.
  1. Click the Period button.
  1. Use the Award Modification for Period page to add the new award details:
    1. Click the Add a new row button to add a sequential period.
    2. Enter supplemental Reference Award Number in the Reference Award Number field if different than original.
    3. Enter the issue date in the Issue Date field of the supplemental notice.
    4. Enter the new begin date which should correspond to a date directly following the previous period end date in the BeginDate field.
    5. Enter new end date as defined on the supplemental award document in the End Date field.
    6. Enter the increased/decreased amount in the Amount field as defined on the supplemental award document.
    7. Click the Comment button to enter additional details in the Comment box. Click the OK button when finished.
    8. Click the Save button.
    9. Select the Terms tab.
  1. Enter any new and/or additional terms defined in the supplemental award.
  2. Select the Milestones tab.
  1. Enter any new and/or additional milestones needed for the supplemental award.Click on the Save button.


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