Creating a Contract on Fund 146 - 31f

Purpose:  Use this document to create a contract on Fund 146

Audience: Finance

These contracts do not have projects associated to them, you should not have any projects connected to these contracts.  The chartstring information should not have project information associated to them.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Customer Contracts > Create and Amend > General Information

  1. Click on the Add a New Value tab.
  2. Enter the following information:
  • Business Unit:  enter value or use look up icon.
  • Contract:  will default to Next.  Do not change.
  • Sold to Customer:  enter sponsor or customer the contract is entered with.
  • Contract Classification:  stays on Standard.
  • Separate Fixed Billing and Revenue:  field unchecked.
  • Separate As Incurred Billing and Revenue:  field unchecked.
  1. Click Add. (General Information page will open).
Add a New Value tab
  1. The General Information page will open.  In Contract Type field, enter Contract Service.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click on Lines tab.
Lines tab
  1. Click on the Add Contract Lines button.
Lines tab
  1. In the Product field, enter in Contract.
  2. Click Search.  (In the search results area a new line appears that has a product of CONTRACT_SERVICES).
  3. Enter Start Date and End Date to the contract on the line.
  4. Click the Add Contract Lines button.
Add Contract Lines
  1. In the Search box, next to the Search button, a new message appears that reads "1 line(s) have been added to the contract".
  2. Click on the Return to Contract Lines hyperlink.
Add Contract Lines
  1. The Contract Line page appears with the new product in the line.. The line has the Start Date and the End Date that was added when the contract line was created.
  2. Click Save.
Lines tab
  1. Click on the Details tab under the contract line section.
  2. Click on the Distribution hyperlink under the Accounting column.
Lines tab
  1. Enter the distribution for the contract payment (for this example, WA170, 7170, 524, 20505, 261 = Dept. 20502, Fund 524, Operating Unit 7170, Class 261, State Purpose N).
  2. Click Save.
Accounting Distribution
  1. A message box appears, click OK.
  1. Click on General tab.
  2. On the Contract Lines page, click on the Amount Allocation hyperlink.
  1. Enter amount for the contract in the Total Billing field.
  2. Enter same amount in the Fixed Billing field.
  3. In the Contract Line Pricing section of page, enter the same amount in the Billing Amount column.
  4. Click the Recalculate button.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click on the Return to General Information hyperlink.

This brings up the Contract Lines page.

  1. Click on the Detail tab.  
  1. Click on Pending hyperlink (under Bill Plan).
  1. Enter the Bill By ID value as Contract and modify any field necessary for the appropriate billing information.
  2. Click the Events tab.
Events tab

The Events page opens.

  1. Click on the Add New Event.  A new Event Detail line appears.
Events tab
  1. Change the Define Events selection from Percent to Amount by clicking on the radio button next to amount. (This will change the Event Detail line to an amount based row, allow the event to be billed by a specific date).

NOTE:  The Event status comes over as Pending, the status should stay like that until the line is completely filled out and ready to be billed. At that point change the line to Ready.

  1. If there is a need for more billing events, click on the plus sign (+) at the end of the event detail row and enter how many lines that are needed.
  2. Split out the payments so that the amounts in the events equal the TOTAL of the lines in the Event Detail.
  3. In the Amount Detail box, the Total Amount will be equal to the Remaining Amount.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click on the Return to General Information hyperlink.
Events tab

The Contract Lines page appears.

  1. Click on the General tab.

The General Information page appears.

  1. Change the Contract Status from Pending to Active.

The Contract is now ready for Invoicing. Billing these types of contracts will follow the same billing steps as a fixed priced or event based billing.


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