Creating a Grant Proposal (Fixed Price) 31

Purpose:  Use this document to create a grant proposal (fixed price) in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Grant Managers

A proposal in the Grants module consists of the required demographic information and the proposal budget. Grant Managers will use the proposal header and associated pages to capture the basic information about the proposal.

Create a Fixed Price Grant Proposal

Navigation:  Main Menu > Grants > Proposals > Maintain Proposal

  1. On the Add a New Value tab, enter the Proposal ID.
  2. Click Add.
Add a New Value tab
  1. On the Proposal tab, enter valid value in the required fields.

Notice that after you build a period that the button is now grayed out. Periods can be on anytime frame that you designate.  Example: you might want a Period for each year of the Grant or you could have a period be for each quarter.  

Proposal tab

Proposal tab, with the grayed out Build Period button shown.

Proposal tab
  1. On the Proposal tab, enter valid values in required fields

Notice that the Project ID and the Proposal ID will auto populate after the proposal has been complete and saved.  The F&A department field are always set to the same department number (this department was chosen for demonstration purposes only).

  1. On the Budget tab, enter valid values.  The Budget ID will also be your activity.
  2. Click on the Location hyperlink located at the bottom of the screen.

Notice the F&A department-The F&A department field are always set to the same department number (Department 98219 was the department number chosen by the SBCTC).

Projects tab
  1. On the Locations tab, enter valid values.  (The Location is the location that the grant is taking place).
  2. Click Save.
Location tab

Once your Proposal is saved the Proposal and Project number will auto populate.

**Tip** the Proposal ID will become your contract number once you generate the award.

Location tab
  1. On the Budget tab, click on the F&A and Pricing set up hyperlink.

Notice the Pricing Method defaults to “As Incurred” Pricing Method. For a Fixed Price Grant you will need to select “Fixed.” The Product is also “Fixed.” If you do not select the pricing method or you skip the F&A section completely the Grant will default to a Cost reimbursable billing method. The percentage and FA Base is not required as this grant is a fixed price and billing will be a fixed dollar amount determined by the contract.  

Then click “OK.”

F&A and Pricing Setup page
Entering the Proposed Budget
Budgets tab

You can now begin to enter in your proposed budget, the “1” hyperlink will take you to the Budget Detail page.  As you complete the budget Items, notice that the Sponsor F&A is being calculated based on the percentage that was entered.

Entert Budget Detail page
Submitting a Proposal

Navigation:  Main Menu > Grants > Proposals > Submit Proposal

Next you will need to “Submit” the Proposal, when a Proposal has a status of “submitted” you can no longer modify the Proposal.  You can only make changes when the proposal is in the “draft” status.

**TIP**to change the proposal back into a draft status so you can make edits, go back to the Submit Proposal Menu and change the submit status back to “Not Submitted.”  You can change this status until you Generate the Award.

  1. Enter valid values in the required fields.
Submission tab

Notice that the proposal is now at a submitted status and not a draft status.

Proposal tab


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