Establishing the Proposal Budget - 31

Purpose:  Use this document to establish a proposal budget in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance

A proposal budget in the Grants module will be finalized after the Grant is awarded.

Information that is entered in the Proposal Budget will populate the Project budget page after the Grant is awarded.

Budgets can be modified after the Grant has been awarded if needed.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Grants > Proposals > Enter Budget Detail

  1. On the Find an Existing Value tab, enter valid values.
  2. Click Search.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. On the Budget Detail Page, add the proposed budget items for each activity. (The plus and minus buttons allow you to add additional budget lines).
Enter Budget Detail page
  1. As you complete the Budget Items, notice that the Sponsor F&A is being calculated based on the percentage that was entered earlier in the Proposal.
  2. If the Budget is complete, then click the Save button.

NOTE:  If you have more than one period in the grant you will need to add a proposal budget to each period individually.  As shown below, there are two periods with the same Proposal ID.

You have now successfully created a Proposal Budget.


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