Grants Portal

Purpose:  Use this document to navigate through the central navigation page in Grants.

Audience:  Finance/Grants

The ctclink Grant Portal is a central navigation page in ctclink Grants for award, project, personnel, and transaction pages. It provides links to key grant management-related features and enables users to drill down to the details of transactions and documents.

The Grants portal enables principal investigators (PI) and project managers (PM) to access information about sponsored project efforts. The portal provides PIs and PMs immediate insight into essential information regarding awards so that they can manage fiscal responsibilities and work more productively when interacting with the ctclink Grants module.

This QRG will show the following:

  • Adding a Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Viewing Award Date:  Summary and Detail
  • Viewing Project Data:  Summary and Detail

Adding a PI/Project Manager

Navigation:  Grants > Grants Portal > Security Access > Grants Portal Access

  1. Enter your Employee ID.
  2. Select Search.
Grants Portal Security page
  1. Add a line by selecting the + button.
  2. Enter the PI or Project Managers Empl ID.
  3. Determine the access that the employee needs.
  4. You can also add an end date if desired so that the access will end on the desired date.
  5. Select Save.

Viewing Award Summary Data

Navigation:  Grants > Grants Portal > Award Information > Award Summary

  1. Click the Refresh button.
  1. On the Demographics tab, notice the number of rows that are being retrieved, this number can be adjusted if needed.
  2. This is where you can select to see the next 50 awards.
  3. If a different selection of awards is chosen then you will need to Update Total Amount.

On the Financial tab, notice that you can now see the Funded, Budgeted, Expended, Encumbered, Remaining Balance, Invoiced, Received, Unpaid, Burn Rate and the Grant Administrator.

On the Compliance tab - this view shows the Protocols that were entered in the Award Proposal.

Viewing Award Detail Data

Navigation:  Grants > Grants Portal > Award Information > Award Detail

On the Award Detail tab you are able to choose a specific Award.

On the Demographic tab notice the following:

  • The PI and the Project(s) associated with the award
  • The type of contract associated with the award along with the Primary Project
  • Any amendments associated with the contract
Demographic tab

On the Project tab, notice that this tab shows all of the projects associated with the Award/Contract.  Also, all of the items that are marked in blue are hyperlinks so that you are able to drill in further if needed.

  • On the Budget tab, you will find information on what the budgeted amount, expended amount and the remaining balance is of the award.
  • The total Expended number is in blue, which means it is a hyperlink and you can drill down to the expenses.
Budget Status tab

Viewing Project Summary Data

Navigation:  Grants > Grants Portal > Project Information > Project Summary

When you open this screen it will be blank until you refresh the screen.  

On this page you will notice the Projects, Title, Award ID, Award title, Start/End date, Sponsor and PI.  You also have the ability to select different projects and update the total amount.

Project Summary page with Refresh button

Viewing Project Detail Data

Navigation:  Grants > Grants Portal > Project Information > Project Detail

On the Award Detail tab, you are able to choose a specific Award.

Project Detail tab

On the Demographics tab, you can see the Resources, Department Allocation and Certifications.

The Activities tab will show the activity and you also have the ability to drill down on the blue hyperlinks.

The Subcontracts tab will show if the Grant was designated as a subcontract.

The Budget Status tab shows the budget for the project and the blue hyperlinks allow you to drill further into the Expended amount if needed.

Budget Status tab


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