Grants Credit and Rebill

Purpose:  Use this document to generate a corrected invoice in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Billing/Grants

This process is needed when you have created an invoice containing erroneous grants or Project Costing-related charges, and you want to generate a corrected invoice to reflect the original billing activity, as well as the adjustment information.  

The credit bill reverses the charges on the original invoice; the rebill initially contains the same information as the original bill. Billing creates billing adjustment line analysis type (BAJ) to represent the credit and rebill invoices in the Project Resource Table.

Examples of changes that you can make to a bill:

  • The AR distribution account needs to be edited
  • The invoice date needs to be modified
  • Edit the Invoice From and To Date

Navigation:  Billing > Locate Bills > Bills Invoiced

  1. In the Bill To Field, you can search by either Customer or Contract.  The example below is using the search criteria of Contract.
  2. Enter appropriate values in any of the fields in the top portion of the page and select the Search button.
  3. Write down or copy the invoice number.

If you have an invoice number, start process here.

Navigation:  Billing > Maintain Bills > Adjust Entire Bill

  1. Select Search.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. Select Credit and Rebill, then you will want to enter the the invoice number for the Credit and Rebill, in this example we have used the same invoice number but changed the prefix to designate the credit or rebill invoice.
  2. If you decide to leave this with NEXT then the system will automatically assign invoice numbers.
  3. Enter the adjustment reason of Return.
  4. Select Save.
Adjust Entire Bill page

After you select Save, notice that the Header information for both the credit and rebill are now available to edit.  Tip: You can adjust a bill header or line only once.

Adjust Entire Bill page
  1. Enter the Invoice Date, and modify the AR account if needed.
  2. Select Save.
Bill Lines section
  1. After any adjustments are made, select Save.
  2. Return to the Billing General tab.
Bill Header Distribution section
  1. Change Bill Status to RDY.
  2. Select Save.
Bill Status field

Navigation:  Billing > Generate Invoices > Non-Consolidated > Single Action Invoice

  1. Select Run.
Single Action Invoice tab
  1. Select Process Monitor.
Process List section
  1. After the process runs to Success, go to the Report Manager.
Run Status section
  • Notice the Invoice number, this is the credit invoice number.  
  • The invoice also references the Original Invoice number.
Report List section
Example report

This is the new Invoice.  Notice the new invoice number and also the Original Invoice and the Prior Adjustment are referenced on this new invoice.

After you finalize the credit and rebill invoices, you can run the Billing to Project Costing/Contracts Interface process (BIPCC000) to update the Project Resource table.

(This process also runs overnight in a batch process, so if the update is not needed immediately it will update after the batch process runs.)

Navigation:  Billing > Generate Invoices > Utilities > Update Contract/Project Data

Navigation:  Project Costing > Revenue Collection > Retrieve Billing Items

Review Billing Items page
  • After both  process runs to Success, the project resource table will be updated.
  • You should now notice that the Project Resource has analysis types of BAJ (billing adjustment) for those lines on the above invoice.


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