Generate an Award

Purpose:  After you submit a proposal and the sponsor approves it for funding, you will then need to generate an Award.  The Award Generation process brings specified information from the proposal into award tables in PeopleSoft Grants. This process also maps proposal-related fields in PeopleSoft Grants to fields in PeopleSoft Contracts and PeopleSoft Project Costing.

Audience:  Finance/Grants


Navigation:  Grants > Proposal > Generate Award

Navigation path

Only those proposals that have been submitted are available for award generation.

Generate award page

Notice that after you choose the Generate button, it is no longer available.

Generate award page
  • When your Project was “Generated” it pushed this information out to Project Costing and also Contracts.
  • If this was a Reimbursable Grant then Project Costing will create billable lines from actual expense that you can invoice.  
  • The Contract determines how the grant will be invoiced and how expenses will be collected.


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