Correcting Interface Errors

Purpose:    Use this document to correct interface errors in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Billing

Occasionally when you process a billing interface you may have an error. The interface error will need to be corrected before it can be procesed into an invoice.

Correct Interface Errors

Navigation:  Billing > Interface Transaction > Correct Interface Errors

  1. On the Find an Existing Value tab, enter valid value in the Interface ID field. NOTE: Only those interface ID's with errors will be available to search.
  2. Select Search.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. As you can see the search returned over 300 results, this is due to the fact that every line has an error that needs to be corrected.  If you need to correct a large amount of lines that are in error status that have the same error you should navigate to the Mass Update menu.

Mass Update Interface Errors

Navigation:  Billing > Interface Transaction > Mass Update Interface Errors

  1. Enter valid values in the Search Filters section and Errors Values section.
  2. Check boxes.
  3. Select Update Values.
Mass Update tab

Process Billing Interface

Navigation:  Billing > Interface Transaction > Process Billing Interface

Process Billing Interface section

After you correct the error you will then be able to create an invoice.

You have now successfully Corrected Interface Errors.


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