Project Activities - 31f

Purpose:  Use this document to create a  project activity in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance

Creating a Project Activity

Navigation:  Project Costing > Activity Definitions > Project Activities

Enter information in the following required fields:

  1. Business Unit:  Defaults - accept Default Value (The value defaults from your User setup.  You can change if if you have access to multiple Business Units).
  2. Project:  Enter or use the look up icon to select a valid Project ID.  (For this activity, select the Project ID you created in Step 1 - Creating a Project).
  3. Select Search.
Find an Existing Value tab

Use the Project Activity page to create an activity and assign it to a project.  Enter information in the following required fields:

  1. Activity Name:  Enter the desired information.  (Max 20 characters)
  2. Activity:  NEXT (You can accept this default and allow the system to use auto-numbering to assign the next available activity number OR you can enter a 5 character long code).
  3. Start Date:  Defaults from the Project Start Date.  (The activity start date can be changed to a later date.  This date cannot be earlier than the Project Start Date).
  4. Select the Details tab.
Project Activities tab
  1. Activity Type:  Enter or use the look up icon to select a valid value from the list.
  2. Activity Owner:  Optional (You can associate a Team Member as Activity Owner or leave blank).
  3. Processing Status:  Active - accept the default value. (This field also delivers an Inactive status to allow users to inactivate an activity).
  4. Select Save.
Project Activities tab


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