Managing Project Cost Budgets - 31f

Managing PC Budgets

Navigation:  Project Costing > Budgeting > Budget Plan > Add a New Value

Enter the following information into the required fields:

  1. Business Unit:  Defaults-accept default value.  (The value defaults from your User setup.  You can change if you have access to multiple Business Units).
  2. Project:  Enter or use look up icon to select a valid Project ID.  (For this activity, select the Project ID you created in Step 1 - Creating a Project).
  3. Select Add.
Add a New Value tab

Use the Budget Plan page to create Project Plan Budget.  Enter information in the following required fields:

  1. Description:  Enter the desired information.  (Max 25 characters).
  2. Select the Budget Details button.
  3. Select the Budget Items icon in the Project Budget Details section.
Budget Detail

Enter the following information:  

  1. Project Budget Item:  Enter or use the look up Budget Item button to select valid value from the list.
  2. Spread Option:  click the drop down button in the Select Spread field and select Adjust by Amount.
  3. Budget Adjustment:  Enter a dollar amount for the Budget Item.
  4. Select the Distribute Budget button.
Project Budget Items

The system will display this message:

  1. Select Yes.
  2. Select OK to return to the Budget Detail page.
Budget Detail
  1. In the Budget Item row, click the Select Spread drop down button and select Even Spread.
  2. Select Save.

The system spread evenly the amount across the periods and update page from "Budget not eligible for finalization" to "Budget eligible for finalization"

  1. Select the Return to Budget Plan link.
Budget Plan
  1. Select the Finalize tab and then select the Finalize button.
  2. The system displays a Message confirming the Finalization process was initiated.
  1. Select OK to continue.
  2. Select the Process Monitor link.
Process List tab
  1. Select the Refresh button as needed to verify Run Status Success.


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