Viewing Closed POs - 4a

Purpose:  Use the Purchase Order Inquiry page in ctcLink to review closed POs.

Audience:  Purchasing staff.

You can access Purchase Orders with a status of Closed through the purchase order inquiry menu. All the information is display-only and does not allow for any maintenance. This topic discusses how to view details for a purchase order. 

Viewing Closed Purchase Orders

Navigation:  Main Menu > Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Review PO Information > Purchase Orders

This will take you to the Purchase Order Inquiry page.  

  1. Enter the Search Criteria to narrow the search results.
  2. Make sure PO status field is updated to Complete.
  3. Select Search.

Notice you have the ability to save your search criteria to save time for future searches utilizing the same parameters.

Purchse Order Inquiry

The Search Results will be shown below the Search Criteria section.

Select any active link in a row to open the next page displaying details about that particular Purchase Order.

There are many active links to choose from to drill down to even more details.  

  1. When you are done reviewing needed details, select Return to Search to access the original Search Results.

You have successfully viewed a closed purchase order.

End of procedure.


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